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Nick W.

Selling a property is a challenge, but even more so when you are 2,000 miles away. We live in Colorado and we're selling this property that we purchased 5 years ago in Worcester with our daughter. Sean did an absolutely incredible job of talking with us and listening to our concerns, making recommendations on how to move forward, and then following through and taking care of all of the details. Even with a 2-hour time difference, Sean made himself available to communicate with us whenever we had a question. He made recommendations and put us in touch with a great legal team to take care of the legal issues for us. Can't say enough about the help that he gave us and the results that we got with our sale. The staging, pictures, and video that Sean prepared were wonderful and helped draw attention to our property. We can't thank Sean enough for all of the help that he gave us.

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Kevin H.

I met Sean through a program my then-employer offered and Sean was one of the 'teachers' of the first-time home buyers course. He was clearly very knowledgeable, approachable, and thorough. This is the 3rd house I've purchased through Sean in the past 4 years and I've recommended a number of my friends to him. Sean makes the house buying process seamless and pain-free. Sean works around the clock, makes it to all appointments (no matter how far outside of his typical area my houses are.), and always takes time to explain what is happening in the process and what to expect next. I really value my relationship with Sean as I know I can trust him and that he has my best interests in mind - what else could you ask for? Sean is the best!

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Philippe B.

Looking for someone to help you and go the extra mile? Sean is the one! We were thinking of buying our first home, we went to a free seminar Unlimited Sotheby's was having, we met Sean there, and everything was clear and easy from that moment. From the first open houses to sealing the deal, Sean was there for us with the right information at the right time. This without pressing us and pushing us in making a decision. When the time comes we have to sell, we know already we want him to represent us. This is a no-brainer, Sean is the one!

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Richard B.

I went to the first-time home buyers seminar at Unlimited Sotheby's a few years ago, I met Sean there and he gave me a lot of useful information in regards to buying this house I was looking at. That deal ended up falling through but a couple of years later, I was back on the house hunt and Sean was there to help. He was there every step of the way from the open houses to sealing the deal on the home I eventually bought. He made the home buying process smooth and as stress-free as possible!

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Matt O.

Sean was an excellent resource throughout the home search and home purchase process. Throughout the search, he was very helpful and his knowledge of the area and good value were appreciated. Through the process of the purchase Sean's instincts were spot on and ultimately we purchased a home we did not think we would get and Sean's good advice prevented us from overspending unnecessarily. He was very thorough and in the end, saved us some money, so overall we were very satisfied.

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Scott R.

Sean's knowledge of the Boston real estate market including inventory and market conditions was invaluable. After viewing about 5 properties Sean was able to laser in on the property I desired. Minimizing the ensuing search. Sean's guidance during the process of negotiating and securing the property made a real difference in our result. And the team of professionals Sean works with, including lawyers, inspectors, and mortgage lenders, made the closing process very smooth.

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Kevin P.

Sean Preston was a fantastic resource for me in my home buying process. He was always open to answering questions and was extremely responsive. He had a deep knowledge of the Boston neighborhoods and a strong handle on the process of purchasing a home. He was well organized and always gave the right amount of updates so you knew things were going on behind the scenes. I would strongly recommend Sean as I am sure the process would go as smoothly as mine did. Thanks, Sean!

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Tim F.

Sean was the Realtor® for a co-listing with another real estate agency. He was not even my main Realtor®, but I was quickly impressed at how knowledgeable and dedicated he was to making sure I felt comfortable throughout the process. Weeks after I had already moved into my new apt, he continued to stay in touch to help guide me through breaking my lease at my old NYC apt. He's a true professional and goes above and beyond.

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Sean Preston is the best agent I have ever worked with. We being the first-time home buyer, he educated us very well from the scratch, guided us in each and every home buying step, and helped us get the best house of our dream with all his communication skills. I would definitely recommend him. Home buying will be a much easier and smooth job if you get to work with great people like Sean Preston.

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Jason K.

Sean was fantastic, especially in the negotiating of the price! His knowledge of the area and the market was indispensable as it allowed us to be able to negotiate the price down to $10k below asking. We were very pleased with him throughout! Sean had worked with friends of mine previously and they had a great experience with him so we decided we'd like to work with him as well.

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Zhenyu L.

I have worked repeatedly with Sean over the course of 5 years. He is an excellent agent, very accommodating and understanding of needs. Great also at communication and setting expectations with others. Also important, he goes all out and doesn't stop hustling. We got a quick sale to a great buyer at a good price in a tough market. Highly recommended!

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I have worked repeatedly with Sean over the course of 5 years. He is an excellent agent, very accommodating and understanding of needs. Great also at communication and setting expectations with others. Also important goes all out and doesn't stop hustling. We got a quick sale to a great buyer at a good price in a tough market. Highly recommended!

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Joan D.

I'm a landlord who has used Sean in connection with apartment rentals for several years. In 40 years, I've never dealt with a better real estate agent. He is 100% honest, committed to helping you, and thoroughly professional all of the time. He gets the job done in the most pleasant way possible.

Sandy H.

Sean was wonderful to work with. He was understanding and helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process of getting our house sold. His attention to detail helped keep things from slipping through the cracks. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell or buy their home.

Joshua M.

Sean Preston’s recommendations for contractors and lawyers were amazing. Seeing he refers and works with people that care about the clients is what will push me to recommend him to others. Sean Preston's Sales skills and interaction with clients and potential buyers are great!

Leon S.

Sean was quick to come over and assess our property (even during the pandemic) which we greatly appreciated and it helped us with choosing him as our agent. We were very satisfied with how Sean handled the sale of our property.

Alex R.

Sean was unbelievable to work with. As a first-time home buyer, he made every step easy to follow and the process of buying a home seamless. He and his team are the best of the best. I look forward to working with him again.

Mark P.

Excellent service. Sean has terrific experience, insight, and professionalism. Sean clearly prioritizes the customer relationship, ensuring our satisfaction through the whole process. It was a pleasure working with him.

Justin R.

Sean and his team were amazing from beginning to end. Extremely responsive and worked diligently till we crossed the finish line. Have and will continue to refer him to friends/family.

Thomas B.

Sean was a pleasure to work with. He made moving into my first apartment incredibly easy. I'm very satisfied with my situation and I have Sean to thank for that.

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